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The Heart of the Matter

BCBM Corp – At present, Blue Corp Building Management (BCBM Corp) is one of the most popular facility management corporations in Oklahoma and Dallas area, They require experienced website design providers that can create an easily navigable website while giving it a professional look. BCBM aimed to design an informative and visually engaging website that could represent its brand and attract the attention of potential clients.

How Did We Help?

It was the story of BCBM Corp back in the day, residing in a fast-running world where everyone aspires to have an outstanding digital touch to their corporate identity. To connect the dots and achieve such a vision, we jumped on a journey with WordPress, which is flexible and robust as it aligns with the company’s branding courses.
The process that led us to the launch of an effective online platform for our business was the development of a unique WordPress website. There was the idea that each component of the template stated the overall layout and the typeface chosen was to embody BCBM Corp’s essence. With the help of the team, the final product not only looks pleasing to the eyes and is easy to navigate but also provides users with excellent functionality.
However, it was not the end of the tale or story. Although BCBM Corp steadily acquired more customers, they needed to be able to easily accommodate this expansion through the effective utilization of their CRM systems. This is like making an invisible link between client management and practicing it more naturally and productively, which requires little human effort.
The last theoretical chapter of the exploration was dedicated to the topic of lead generation and management. Some important changes were made to meet the potential to enroll as many visitors as possible as customers. These enhancements were like sowing seeds in a rich, pliant field where new relationships could quickly take root and blossom into the prosperity of BCBM Corp.

Transformative Results of the Redesign

With creativity and precision, Digilord crafted an upgraded website that was more than just a digital presence. It became a powerful beacon, drawing in visitors with its engaging design and intuitive functionality. This wasn’t just a facelift; it was a complete transformation. The website evolved into a vital tool, not only captivating the audience but also turning casual viewers into potential business leads.

The results were nothing short of spectacular. The statistics told a story of remarkable growth

  • Visitor Escalation: Monthly visitors amplified from a modest 100 to an impressive 5000.
  • Traffic Surge: Monthly traffic doubled, with an overall increase of up to 5X.
  • Lead Generation: Daily leads surged by 500%.

This digital metamorphosis turned the website into a cornerstone of BCBM Corp's strategy, driving engagement and fostering business growth like never before. What started as a redesign blossomed into a powerful transformation, setting a new standard for BCBM Corp’s digital presence.

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Browse More Work

Our Web Design Process

We follow a bespoke process from start to finish to provide unique website designs to fulfill your web design requirements

Custom Web Design Process

Our Web Design Process

We follow a bespoke process from start to finish to provide unique website designs to fulfill your web design requirements:

Our expert web designers collect information from clients and create full execution plan.
We design wireframes right after the discovery phase and plan out structure and user flow for website.
We create web and UX designs to make your web presence more responsive through the use of the latest web designing technologies and tools.
Responsive Development
Responsive website development ensures that your website is highly responsive on all devices and screens to improve search engine results and website traffic.
Here, we undergo a full interoperability testing procedure for optimal performance.
Quality Assurance (QA)
We pass your website and UX through QA process to fix design and coding errors through the use of tried-and-tested tools to enhance transparency.


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