Terms of Service

Digilord Affiliations

  • Digilord proudly functions as a sub-brand within the creative ecosystem of Dexigno.
  • Our strategic affiliation with Cannsult, Inc. enhances our capabilities, ensuring a diverse array of skills and services to improve our service quality and standards.

Acceptance Criteria

  • By utilizing Digilord’s Services, users agree to abide by and comply with the terms outlined in our Terms of Service.
  • Users acknowledge that our Terms may undergo periodic updates or amendments. By continuing to use our services, they indicate their acceptance of any such changes.

Intellectual Property Rights

  • We prioritize transparent and fair intellectual property rights for our clients, ensuring that your designs/projects solely belong to you. We do not engage in reselling or sharing any of your intellectual property.
  • As part of our ethical commitment, we want to clarify that any stock images incorporated into projects is legally sourced, eliminating concerns about copyright infringement content.

Design Revisions

  • Digilord places customer satisfaction at the forefront, offering unlimited design revisions to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.
  • This approach allows clients to actively shape the outcome, contributing to a final product that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Refund Policy

  • Refunds are determined based on the completion percentage of the project, ensuring clients receive a fair and proportional refund for any unsatisfactory work. Example, If 60% project completion is unsatisfactory, a refund covers the remaining 40% of amount.
  • A complete refund of 100% is granted exclusively for projects in which the completion of work falls below the threshold of 30%.

Data Backup

  • We assure you that your data will be backed up for 6 months. Your information is stored with utmost security and can be effortlessly recovered throughout this duration.
  • Please kindly note that beyond the initial 6-month period, we disclaim responsibility for any potential data loss.

Delivery Timeframe

  • Project order files will be delivered according to the specified date on the Order Confirmation. We also ensure to notify you via email once the delivery is made.
  • All policies related to revisions and refunds are linked to the specific delivery date of your design order. Please be aware that the adherence to these policies is time-dependent.
  • After placing an order, you will be assigned a unique design order reference number, so that the customer may track the status of that order and post revisions against the reference number.
  • We aim to deliver your customized design orders via email within a timeframe of 5 to 7 working days from the receipt of your order. However, please note that the delivery time may vary based on the scope of your order.
  • And if you’re in a hurry, our RUSH DELIVERY service for quicker turnaround for your order, meeting your urgent needs with an additional payment of $100.

Hosting Policy

  If clients decide to utilize our hosting services, we willingly undertake the following responsibilities:

  • Addressing and resolving all hosting-related issues promptly.
  • Offer dedicated emergency support services, guaranteeing continuous and seamless performance for their projects. Our goal is to provide you with a reliable and stress-free hosting experience.

Billing and Payments

  • We offer easy and convenient payment options for our clients, such as Direct Bank Transfers, Pay Orders, PayPal, Stripe, PayOneer, and Wise.
  • We believe in transparency, and our invoices are clear and detailed. We also offer flexible payment schedules to align with your financial preferences.
  • Digilord is a subsidiary of Dexigno LLC and all the payments and legal affairs will be handled by Dexigno LLC. (Visit Website at: https://dexigno.com)

Termination of Contract

  • The contract is subject to termination if there is no communication from the client for a continuous six-month period, including failures to respond to emails, calls, or other agreed-upon communication methods.
  • Additionally, termination is considered if the client does not pay for requested add-on services beyond the initial project scope, with specific terms regarding these services and their payment outlined in the agreement.
  • Termination clauses also apply following the launch of the project or marketing campaign, ensuring both parties have clear expectations of post-launch commitments and responsibilities.

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