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Project Overview

In New York City, where competition is high and each property has numerous buyers, a lot of real estate is still limited to stereotypical marketing approaches. Traditional approaches must be revised while handling clients in the digital era with collar-born technological devices. Our client faced a prominent hindrance to growth with previously used methods and technologies they required an all-in-one solution to transform their website, take over the marketing, and manage the business effectively. At Digilord, we can fulfill all the requirements seamlessly, so we started revamping real-estate fate by accepting this challenge. This case study focuses on innovative solutions implemented by Digilord to turn the tables.

Key Areas for Improvement

Website structure

The current website could not promote the high standard and premium quality properties it deals with. It required a clean and sleek look to convert any visitor who arrives at the first page into a customer.

Personalized email marketing

The organization used to carry out mailings that were less engaging and general. The company needed advanced email marketing communication that involved an approach that segments the content according to the client’s preferences and habits.

How did we help?

Website Revamping

  • Modern Design: Digilord developed a professional and eye-catching website that accurately conveyed the upscale nature of our clientele and the homes they sell. The layout used is clean, minimalist, and customized to the nature of our client’s business.
  • Advanced Search Filters: We incorporated smart and effective search filters so that customers and visitors could easily locate property details, service offers, and contact information. This change in the interface and design significantly impacted and increased the visitors’ average staying time and recurrence.

MLS Integration

The MLS is a central asset of the real estate market as it provides database access to the list of properties focused on the real estate market members. This service also enables the smooth flow of information and ensures that the agents can access and pass on the current data of properties such as photographs, descriptions, and prices among others. With the help of MLS, the client had increased accessibility of properties on the market which helped him expand his group of interested buyers. 

The Results

  • Extended Reach: The responsive design enabled the website to run well on all devices, resulting in an incredible 40% increased visitors.
  • Longer Visits: The improvement in website functionality improved user interactions and increased the average time spent visiting the page during the property listing and services by a whopping 35%.
  • Lower Bounce Rates: The modern and attractive website design led to lower bounce rates, which represent higher user satisfaction and interaction by 25%.
  • Enhanced Conversion Rates: Various targeted e-mail marketing campaigns showed a 45% enhanced mailbox hit rate, along with a 50% boost in click-through rates.

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Our Web Design Process

We follow a bespoke process from start to finish to provide unique website designs to fulfill your web design requirements

Custom Web Design Process

Our Web Design Process

We follow a bespoke process from start to finish to provide unique website designs to fulfill your web design requirements:

Our expert web designers collect information from clients and create full execution plan.
We design wireframes right after the discovery phase and plan out structure and user flow for website.
We create web and UX designs to make your web presence more responsive through the use of the latest web designing technologies and tools.
Responsive Development
Responsive website development ensures that your website is highly responsive on all devices and screens to improve search engine results and website traffic.
Here, we undergo a full interoperability testing procedure for optimal performance.
Quality Assurance (QA)
We pass your website and UX through QA process to fix design and coding errors through the use of tried-and-tested tools to enhance transparency.


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