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Challenges Faced by Payoff Financial

Our client’s previous interface failed to rank their website high on the search engine, which is important in making their targeted clients and stakeholders gain confidence in their operations. This limitation posited a major problem for their brand image management and the achievement of a unique selling proposition. Our client understood the need to enhance their online presence and looking for solutions to address means of enhancing their digital communication strategy, such as solutions to improve the website ranking and thus the overall web presence and finding effective messages that will have the potential to improve its social presence. 

Key areas of Improvement

Website Design

Our client’s website lacked a modern and user-friendly design, making it difficult for potential customers to conveniently navigate and find relevant information about their debt consolidation services. The outdated layout and visual appeal failed to convey the brand’s voice and vision, losing potential customers from the very beginning.

Website Ranking

Our client had an issue with the visibility of their website on major search engines and its inability to produce organic traffic. These were compounded by the lack of proper keyword placement, meta tags, a proper sitemap, and navigation structures, which are all essential for effective SEO.

Solutions Provided by Digilord

Website Redesign

We redesigned the entire website, through which the company sought to find a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate website. We also incorporated more straightforward and clean site navigation, improved the layout, and modified the visual signs to make it more professional and visually appealing. The main purpose of this redesign was to enhance user satisfaction so that the target audience could easily utilize financial debt services.

SEO Website Audits

Digilord carried out a detailed SEO analysis and performed specific SEO improvements on the website that included elements such as strengthening the website’s content with appropriate keywords and rearranging the meta tags, and the site map was redesigned to enable search engines to crawl through the site seamlessly. Furthermore, we worked on the Content strategy and crafted unique, targeted, and valuable content, which helped in attracting the targeted audience and eventually improved the position on the organic search engines.

The Results

  • Increased Website Traffic: These changes increased the overall traffic on the website by 45%.
  • Higher Search Engine Rankings: In terms of organic search engine positioning, our client’s website has managed to achieve a rank in the top ten for several global search terms related to debt consolidation.
  • Enhanced User Engagement: A profound modification in the website decreased bounce rates by approximately 25%.
  • Greater Conversion Rates: The website’s conversion rates have risen by 20%, which means it can help more people combine their debts and make their financial lives easier.

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Our Web Design Process

We follow a bespoke process from start to finish to provide unique website designs to fulfill your web design requirements

Custom Web Design Process

Our Web Design Process

We follow a bespoke process from start to finish to provide unique website designs to fulfill your web design requirements:

Our expert web designers collect information from clients and create full execution plan.
We design wireframes right after the discovery phase and plan out structure and user flow for website.
We create web and UX designs to make your web presence more responsive through the use of the latest web designing technologies and tools.
Responsive Development
Responsive website development ensures that your website is highly responsive on all devices and screens to improve search engine results and website traffic.
Here, we undergo a full interoperability testing procedure for optimal performance.
Quality Assurance (QA)
We pass your website and UX through QA process to fix design and coding errors through the use of tried-and-tested tools to enhance transparency.


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