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Explore safe web development practices to protect your online assets. From secure coding to regular audits, prioritize website security for peace of mind


ecurity is important in today’s fast-paced internet browsing world when it comes to any website. Protecting your business, users, and valuable information from the looming threats and risks of the social interface is crucial to embracing safe web development measures. Digilord primarily focuses on delivering security and stability to every web solution we develop. Our professional and experienced web developers follow a strict safe web development strategy to foremost keep your website safe from any type of attack and to ensure that it does not negatively affect the user experience in any way.

At Digilord, web security is our top concern. Here, we start from scratch. Our safe web development services include a range of strategies and technologies designed to protect your website and ensure its seamless operation.

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Our Safe Web Development Practices Include

Secure Coding Practices

We adhere to high-security procedures in coding and have measures against well-known risks such as SQL injection, and cross-site scripting (XSS). 

We check for egregious errors that need to be fixed right away and the site structure audit is conducted regularly by our team.

Secure socket layers are implemented in your site for secure transfer of data and communication between the users, and the server.

To prevent unauthorized access to user accounts, we regularly employ multi-factor authentication (MFA) and role-based access controllers (RBAC). 

We only use plugins and extensions that have been proven to be secure.

We have sound relationships with reputable hosting companies to ensure that your website is hosted on secure and reliable servers.

Real-time monitoring measures are put in place to perform constant vigil and respond to any security threats if they appear.

We incorporate strict and efficient data back-up/restore systems to ensure that, in case of a cyber-attack or system crash, your data is safe and retrievable easily.

Why Choose Digilord for Safe Web Development?

Security Architecture Design

We design a security framework for your website, making it difficult for different hackers to breach your website.

Secure Payment Gateway Integration

In e-commerce solutions, we incorporate payment gateways that meet international security standards.

GDPR and Compliance Service

In terms of policies, laws, and other regulations, we make sure that your website is GDPR compliant, respectively, we make sure you won’t get into legal trouble and your users will trust you.

Performance Optimization

We fine-tune your website to load optimally and enhance usability to save tons of time and resources.

Secure API Development

Our system provides excellent analytics tools that would enable campaign owners, marketers, and other stakeholders to monitor the trends in the market, and adjust strategies accordingly, offering the best solutions with improved KPIs over time.

Regular Updates and Maintenance

This means that through Meta Ads services, get ready to embrace change in the ever-shifting advertising world in a way that enables it to capture new forms of change and become relevant for the flow of the future.

Why You Need An Expert Web Security Services For Your Online Assets

Web Security is a victory for an enterprise. It enables you adopt measures to take online protection of your website including other digital assets to the next-level. Following are the reasons for why You should hire a professional website security consulting services:

  • Professional web security services offer all-inclusive protection against notorious cyber threats such as phishing, DDoS attacks and malware, etc.

  • A professional web security services offer customized online security solutions to meet specific security requirements to meet business objectives.

  • A dedicated company for website security monitoring works proactively to detect cyber threats before they harm your website and apps.

  • You will get updates about vulnerabilities and potential security risks from time-to-time by web security services.

  • Hiring a web security services gives you a peace of mind because your online assets are in safer hand.

Six Steps Process For Impeccable Website Security

Our six-steps website security process detects, isolates, and removes cyber threats right away.

Six Steps Process For Impeccable Website Security

Our six-steps website security process detects, isolates, and removes cyber threats right away.

Assessment of Security Requirements
We assess security requirements of clients and discover their pain-points through deep analysis.
Identification & Prioritization
Our experts identify security loopholes and prioritize solutions to meet their needs.
Creation of Security Strategy
We cater the needs of website security for clients through the use of a documented strategy so we could achieve our targets right on time.
Implementation of Website Security Measures
Our experts implement website security measures i.e., Authentication, backup & recovery to protect website from major & minor threats.
Monitoring helps us tackle cyber threats proactively across the website. It enables us identify vulnerabilities and solve glitches right away.
Round-The-Clock Support
We assign a dedicated manager available round-the-clock to solve your queries right away. Our support staff solves all your queries in a one phone call.


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We use advanced analytics tools, lead management systems, and advanced dashboard to track and manage leads such as Hubspot and Zoho.

We use a comprehensive process to examine your website from all aspects from technical structure to functionality, content quality, Google Score and security measures.


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