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t has become crucial for any enterprise in the present timeframe to assess how it can advance in the present legal climate and how it can coordinate corporate activity. More importantly, legal requirements promote compliance and organizational immunity from the anger of the law since noncompliance may attract steep penalties in the form of fines or litigation by customers or other stakeholders. You are warmly welcome to Digilord, your compliant proofing service provider that will provide your business with legal compliance at a reasonable price. Adherence to constantly shifting legal requirements oftentimes requires both speed and intricacy, all of which is achievable because of our well-trained employees.

At Digilord, we know that it becomes difficult at times for various organizations to operate legally as per the laws and regulations. Our legal compliance services will help you to get a legal and professional consultation that will guarantee the lawfulness of your company.

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Our Auditors Help You With

Regulatory Compliance Audits

Our auditors conduct detailed assessments to determine the business’s current level of compliance and areas of weakness to assist and ensure you meet all legal demands.

Our team assists in the implementation and compliance with data protection laws like GDPR by protecting the personal data of customers to foster trust.

We provide services according to the specific legal requirements that are valid for particular industries so that you can stay out of trouble with the laws of the particular industry you are engaged in.

We offer detailed training sessions to ensure that your workers understand the right procedures to follow as far as compliance is concerned.

We help design and enforce compliance programs that can significantly reduce risks and ensure that your business practices coincide with legal requirements.

We provide consultation in legal writing and analysis of documents and contractual risks with special regard to the legal provisions and standards of the business environment.

Legal Compliance Services Provided by Digilord

Data Privacy Compliance

We maintain compliance with the business within the principles of legal and regulatory requirements for data, safeguarding the customers’ information, and establishing customer confidence.

Employment Law Compliance

We assist you in compliance with international employment laws on hiring, safety, and employee rights to ensure that you do not incur litigation costs.

Environmental Compliance

We help your organization conform to the set laws on environmental standards and embrace corporate responsibility to attain optimal results.

Financial and Tax Compliance

Doubling up as a legal compliance mechanism for your financial activities is important as this prevents instances of audits, fines, or even legal suits.

Health and Safety Compliance

We help you in the development and enforcement of stronger health and safety measures for your employees and customers while adhering to set legal requirements.

Intellectual Property Compliance

Preserve your rights to the output that you generate, making certain that you do not breach any legal procedures that regard marks, copyrights, and patents.

International Trade Compliance

We help you manage complex trade rules and laws, thus avoiding negative consequences such as fines for exporting or importing violations.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Compliance

We assist you in adopting measures for avoiding bribery and other corrupt practices, have regard for the laws in force, and promote the core values of business integrity.

Why You Need An Expert Web Security Services For Your Online Assets

Web Security is a victory for an enterprise. It enables you adopt measures to take online protection of your website including other digital assets to the next-level. Following are the reasons for why You should hire a professional website security consulting services:

  • Professional web security services offer all-inclusive protection against notorious cyber threats such as phishing, DDoS attacks and malware, etc.

  • A professional web security services offer customized online security solutions to meet specific security requirements to meet business objectives.

  • A dedicated company for website security monitoring works proactively to detect cyber threats before they harm your website and apps.

  • You will get updates about vulnerabilities and potential security risks from time-to-time by web security services.

  • Hiring a web security services gives you a peace of mind because your online assets are in safer hand.

Six Steps Process For Impeccable Website Security

Our six-steps website security process detects, isolates, and removes cyber threats right away.

Six Steps Process For Impeccable Website Security

Our six-steps website security process detects, isolates, and removes cyber threats right away.

Assessment of Security Requirements
We assess security requirements of clients and discover their pain-points through deep analysis.
Identification & Prioritization
Our experts identify security loopholes and prioritize solutions to meet their needs.
Creation of Security Strategy
We cater the needs of website security for clients through the use of a documented strategy so we could achieve our targets right on time.
Implementation of Website Security Measures
Our experts implement website security measures i.e., Authentication, backup & recovery to protect website from major & minor threats.
Monitoring helps us tackle cyber threats proactively across the website. It enables us identify vulnerabilities and solve glitches right away.
Round-The-Clock Support
We assign a dedicated manager available round-the-clock to solve your queries right away. Our support staff solves all your queries in a one phone call.


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We deliver websites within a decided timeframe taking under consideration all types of factors like web development, features-scaling, and web design.

We use advanced analytics tools, lead management systems, and advanced dashboard to track and manage leads such as Hubspot and Zoho.

We use a comprehensive process to examine your website from all aspects from technical structure to functionality, content quality, Google Score and security measures.


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